I’ve already written my Christmas list and at the very top, above everything else, is the same dream gift year-on-year and that is diamonds!  Find me a girl whose heart doesn’t race that little bit faster at the thought of sparkly diamonds.

I’ve talked many times about my adoration for fine jewellery on this blog.  It is a never-ending love affair.  However, there is a reason why I advocate investing in fine jewellery so much.  Personally, I want my wardrobe and accessories drawer to be filled with pieces I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.  These days I want to invest better, buy less and enjoy more.



Surprisingly, diamonds don’t have to blow the budget.  I’ve put together a rundown of some of my favourite diamond pieces from London Road Jewellery which start from £195.

Beginning with the wonderfully inexpensive, I have to mention the White Gold Letter Diamond Pendant which is available in all letters.  It’s such a classic and versatile piece.  You could dazzle in it on an evening out or equally team it with a pair of jeans and a casual tee.  At £295 it doesn’t break the bank and will forever be in style.



If you or your loved ones are more of a yellow gold fan, there’s also a similar letter version which you can see me wearing HERE.  It features one little diamond and is a perfect layering piece.

Alternatively, if you’re more of an earring girl, the elegant Raindrop Diamond Solitaire Earrings (see them fully HERE & HERE) are an ideal Christmas gift.  Let’s be honest, at £195 you can’t go wrong with either.



My favourite piece and the one I’ve put at the top of my Christmas list is the Diamond Lattice Bracelet.

The design is influenced by the intricate vintage ironwork found around the houses of Notting Hill, which also happens to be my neighbourhood.  It reminds me of home, which is probably why I’ve fallen so in love with it.



Another top favourite is the Raindrop Bezel Set Diamond Necklace.  While fashion jewellery is great fun, something like this will last a lifetime.  It’s an investment at £495 but if divided over 20 years, the cost per wear becomes minimal.  This is the perfect example of an investment piece with enduring style.



Finally, we’ve built ourselves up to the most expensive piece in my selection of timeless jewellery pieces to invest in and that is the Diamond Grain Set Stack Rings.

Mixing metals has never been my forte so I love how this set pushes me out of my comfort zone.  They can either be worn together to create that mix ‘n’ match metal look or individually for a more paired back feel.



These diamond half eternity rings come as a set of 3 and although they are a splurge at £1600, I think it’d be impossible to find someone who wouldn’t be blown away if they discovered these under their tree this Christmas.



Thank you so much to London Road Jewellery for sponsoring this post and allowing me to curate my own list of must-have diamonds.  As always, all thoughts, opinions and comments remain my own.

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