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The transition from your twenties into your thirties is a defining one. From 20 to 29, you can pretty much get away with wearing whatever you want! Entering your thirties is a scary catapult into more adulthood, but you are still as young as you feel.

I think of my thirties as a time to blossom—mentally, creatively, and stylistically. Reaching this milestone, is a chance to redefine and improve yourself and your closet. I’ve compiled my best tips for dressing your best in your thirties, so get prepared to chuck those flashy high heels and trade them in for a more refined catalogue of footwear.

Tip #1: Embrace textures

the season to party outfit

When shopping for new staple tops, bottoms, and jackets, look for textures that you may have never tried. A leather skirt, suede jacket, chenille sweater, silk tank, or corduroy pants all give an outfit a more mature edge than man-made fabric. The key is to be brave and have fun with mixing and layering different textures.

Tip #2: Define your shoe game


Everyone’s lifestyle is different, but just because you’re in your thirties doesn’t mean you can’t hit the club anymore. The key is being able to draw the line between your dressy, going-out shoes and your more-casual, work-appropriate shoes.

I absolutely love filling my closet with bold shoes that function as statement pieces to nearly any outfit. Anything and everything from women’s pointed flats to platform booties can bump a category “boring” outfit into a category “fabulous” outfit.

Tip #3: Upgrade your denim

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi jeans

By the time you reach your thirties, jeggings should have become a long lost memory. I love to embrace real denim jeans. My wardrobe simply wouldn’t be complete without them, and I’ve spent a lot of time constructing my collection of premium denim. High-quality denim tends to fit better, last longer, and wash far better without ever losing color or structure. Of course, there is a high price tag that usually comes with high-quality jeans, but your thirties are about quality over quantity.

Tip #4: Go long

It’s hard to find a piece of clothing that looks classier and more put-together than a long coat. Though I adore cropped leather moto jackets, nothing screams elegance quite like a knee length coat. This season is all about the faux fur coat; it’s a staple piece that can be easily paired with a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater. Not into furry outerwear? Tweed, wool, and trench coats all have the same luxurious look and feel to them.

Tip #5: Get Tailored

As much as we would like to believe our clothes fit perfectly because we bought them in our size, that doesn’t always mean they are truly tailored to our bodies. I’m not saying go out and get your whole wardrobe tailored to fit your body, but having those five or ten closet staples perfectly sewn to flatter your figure will deliver million-dollar looks each and every time you pull them out.

Tip #6: Splurge on accessories

H&M GP & J Baker

Though it may be difficult to shell out hundreds for a designer purse, I promise you, the quality of those luxury items will last you the rest of your life. Get out of the habit of toting cheaply made (and cheap-looking) handbags, and turn to high quality materials for your work bag, going-out bag, and a daily cross-body.

When shopping for a bag, consider the versatility, wearability, practicality, and of course, quality of the bag. If it checks out in every department, all that’s left to consider is how it fits into your budget.

Tip #7: Redefine your LBD


Your perfect little black dress in college may have been a strappy mini dress, but that won’t cut it in your thirties. Instead of completely getting rid of your love for LBDs, trade them in for more refined pieces. Consider new necklines, silhouettes, sleeve lengths and dress lengths. The perfect LBD can be dressed up or down with the addition of a few accessories.

Don’t worry about entering your thirties, for me, it’s the best decade yet! Use it as an opportunity to refine and redefine your style. Age is just a number, and with the right outfits, you’ll always look amazing.

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